Croatia is a European country situated along the Adriatic sea. It stretches from the cold, tall Alps to the calm plains near the banks of the Danube river.


While the coast and the islands have a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and sunny summers, the inland Croatian climate is more typically Eastern European, with cold winters and warm summers. Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit, with many sunny days and just a few drops of spring rain.


Croatia was founded on the ruins of the Roman Empire. As a former Yugoslav republic, Croatia has been independent since 1991.


Croatia is new on the medical and dental tourism map, but offers great savings and top quality private dental treatment. On the other hand, Croatia is very popular among common tourists and is regularly high placed in Top 10 world destinations to visit every year. You should definitely give us a try and see the great Croatian nature, culture and architecture.


Croatia has a long cultural history. A connoisseur of ancient monuments and charming old churches with a rich artistic spirit will enjoy visiting Croatia.


Dental school in Croatia takes five years. After dental school, a dentist has to work off a year of internship under the supervision of mentors, and finally, after passing the state examination, a doctor is authorized to practice dentistry by him- or herself. Dentists in Croatia must meet all the requirements their counterparts in EU countries do.

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