There are various possible methods of treatment depending on the type of defect that must be renewed. If a tooth is damaged somewhat, usually it is enough to make a filling. If the dentist can’t make a direct restoration with a composite in the colour of the tooth, he can choose inlay or onlay. These fillings in the colour of those teeth are either made using the IPS Empress Esthetic or milled from ceramic blocks such as IPS Empress CAD directly in the laboratory.





The more heavily damaged teeth can be restored or enhanced with non-metal crowns. For that occasion, the external dimensions of the visible surface of teeth are removed and replaced with full tiles in their colour. Old unattractive restorations can be replaced, which provides a completely new, natural look.




Broken or stained teeth, or slightly altered teeth, can be easily and quickly fixed with veneers. Veneers are thin panels made of ceramics, attached to the tooth. They do not cover the entire tooth. Only a small amount of tooth structure is ground down for facets. Therefore, the tooth will not be damaged and the veneer can be coloured to match the tooth. The new tooth with facets will match the other teeth perfectly and is best suited to the format of other teeth. 





Missing teeth can be replaced with bridges, which are supported with two healthy carrier teeth. Inserting a bridge is painless and common. Using new technology and materials it’s possible to create a fully ceramic bridge without metal cores or dark edges. This benefits aesthetics and overall health.




Many patients face a dilemma: to drill two healthy teeth to compensate for a bad one, or to install an implant? A bridge is a good solution only if the adjacent teeth are destroyed to the point that they must be protected with crowns. Ofcourse, many patients think that installing implants hurts, but this is not true. After the operation, the patient can continue with daily activities. Therefore, our recommendation to everyone is – go with the implants.




Teeth Whitening

Maybe you’ve always wanted to have a beautiful smile. Whatever your reason for whitening (dental bleaching) is you are not alone. As our skin and hair differ in colour, we also have different colours of teeth. Some people have darker teeth. Almost every person who lost their milk teeth can safely bleach their teeth.

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